Fluegel's is your wild bird headquarters.  We are dedicated to keeping your backyard birds happy and healthy by offering a wide variety of products for you.  We have one of the biggest birdseed selection in the Twin Cities, and all of our Fluegel mixes are made in house and bagged here.

We have an extensive display of bird feeders.  We carry popular brands such as: Droll Yankee, Aspect, Gardman, Bird Lovers, Perky Pet, Kaytee, Squirrel Buster, No/No, Songbird Essentials and many more.  We carry sunflower, peanut, thistle, squirrel proof, hummingbird, and oriole feeder types in many different varieties. 

We also carry hooks, birdbaths, heated birdbaths, deck hangers, squirrel proofing products like baffles & feed additives, birdhouses, wood duck houses, chickadee roosting boxes, and just about anything you can think of for all your wild bird needs.  Our staff is available to help answer any wild bird questions you may have.  Happy Birding!

Fluegel's wild birds

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