2023 cHICK dAYS

Up Dated 2/20/23

We can not take any orders this year for chicks as the

Hatchery is SOLD OUT we very much apologize. 

We Do have 3 Chick Days, first come, first served. 

UPDATE***FRIDAY*** March 17th, 

We are very sorry the Hatchery pushed the date back

90% Pullets Roughly 25 of each Breed

1.Sapphire Olive-Egger


3.Black Sex Link

4.Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

5.Cream Legbar


7.Calico Princess

8.Buff Brahma

9.Midnight Majesty

Friday April 21st 90% Pullets Roughly 25 of each Breed 

1.Mystic Onyx

2.French Cuckoo Marans


4.Hatchery Choice Layer

Wednesday May 17th 90% Pullets Roughly 25 of each Breed

1.Barred Rock

2.Buff Orpington

3.Black Sex Link

4.Black Australorp

5.Cinnamon Queen


Hoover's Catalog for pictures and descriptions

Fluegel's Chicken Days




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