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     Backyard Birds


Chicken Supplies

We carry a large selection of chicken supplies for all your chicken needs! Some of the items we carry include:

  • ​grit
  • oyster shells
  • scratch
  • nesting boxes
  • feeders

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Chick Orders

We offer convenient chick ordering all spring and into summer with no minimums! We fulfill orders for ducks, geese, pheasants, turkeys, guinea hens, and peafowl - more info can be found on the chick order page.

Chicken Feed

We carry a large selection of chicken feed and even manufacture our own brand of chicken feed! We carry many different types of chicken feed such as Organic, No Soy, Hi-Calcium and more! We also carry top brands such as Purina and Nature's Grown! To find what chicken feed is right for you, stop in and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members for more info!


  • antibacterials
  • ​wormers
  • treat cakes
  • buckets
  • scoops
  • waterers
  • heated waterers
  • pest control
  • heat lamps & bulbs
  • ​leg bands
  • electrolytes

Backyard Birds

Backyard chickens are becoming a very popular trend, and chicken raising has been an important part of our country's history.  Just like all of your other pet needs, you can find all chicken supplies here at Fluegel's.  In addition to supplies, Fluegel's staff is very knowledgeable about chicken husbandry and many employees even raise chickens at home.  

If you have been thinking about trying the whole backyard chicken thing, stop thinking about it and try it because you won't regret the decision!  Chickens are so fun to raise, and fresh eggs are delicious.  It's especially fun to teach children about where their food is  coming from.

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