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For waterfowl, wild turkeys, pheasants and quail we have feeders, whole corn, cracked corn, and Purina flock and wildlife blocks.  We also carry Fluegel's Pheasant Feast which is composed of corn, wheat, milo, millet, sunflower, peas & grit.

We have everything you need for your wild critters, and we cater to the needs osquirrels, deer, waterfowl, wild turkeys, pheasants, quail, raccoons and just about everything else.

For squirrels we carry feeders, a squirrel mix, and squirrel proofing supplies like baffles, squirrel proof birdfeeders and hot pepper additives for food.

Deer products we carry are manger style feeders, deer proofing equipment, and food such as whole corn, and our Fluegel's deer mix, as well as Purina deer blocks.  

Wild animals