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At Fluegel's we work with a couple local rescues to help try and find new forever homes for cats. The Fluegel's Cat Shack is a great way for families to meet the cats up for adoption and help socialize the cats as well. Anyone is welcome to go into the cat shack and meet the cats we have up for adoption and maybe get to hang out with Pumpkin and Fluff as well!



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Cat Shack


8 Years Old

Norma is an eight year old tortoiseshell. So far she hides in the shadows and is not very trusting, but she is just waiting for the right person to give her love and bring her to her new forever home.

Cats Up for Adoption


5 Years Old

Pugsley is an all black cat and is unique because he was born with no tail! With some gentle pets, he is easily coaxed out of the shadows and likes to be loved on.