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Backyard Chickens

Below is a list of local cities - some that allow backyard chickens and some that do not.  This list is current as of 1/11/19.  Please alert us if any of these have changed.

Apple ValleyNo

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with recent updates

on restrictions & voting info


Yes - 5 hens with permit



​General Info

FarmingtonYes - 3 with permit


Inver Grove Heights
Yes - 6 with license

Inver Grove Heights

Urban Chicken Information

LakevilleYes - 3

City Ordinance


Yes - 3City Ordinance
BurnsvilleYes - 4City Ordinance

Every year we order hundreds of chicks, so hopefully this will help to answer some of your questions before you start the process.

We have shipments coming in every other Thursday.  You must come in and get your chicks on the day they arrive or arrange a pick up with a friend. 

We have a variety of chicks available for order: broilers, white egg layers, colored egg layers and brown egg layers.  About 61 breeds total are available from us.

You can order over the phone or in the store.  All chick orders must be paid at the time the order is placed.  There is no shipping fee and we have no minimums on chicks.  An address and a phone number along with your name must be provided at the time that you order.

Female chickens under a year are referred to as pullets, males as cockerels.  Female chickens over a year are called hens and males are known as roosters.

Even if you place an order for only pullets (females), know that we guarantee a 90% accuracy on the sex of the chicks.  Pullets and hens have been known to crow too!

Most chicks arrive very healthy and alert.  If something should happen to one of your chicks, please let us know within 48 hours, and we will try to get a replacement from the hatchery.

Pullets start laying, as a rule of thumb, around 18-20 weeks (this depends on the breed of the chicken), but it can take longer, especially if it is cold.  Pullets & hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs, however, if you would like fertile eggs (to hatch chicks), a rooster must be present.

Roosters can be fun!  If you are able to have a rooster, consider getting one.  They are beautiful and funny, and they offer added protection for your hens, because a rooster will lay down his life for his ladies.

We order chicks from Hoover's Hatchery, and we carry brochures in store with pictures and information about each breed.  If you would like to view that information online, please visit their website.

We have counter sheets available with chick care information, or you may feel free to ask a Fluegel employee if you have questions.  Just remember, it may seem daunting, but chicks and chickens are very easy to care for.  They're extremely hardy and they have deep rooted instincts which means they can almost take care of themselves.  You provide shelter, food, water & care, and they do the rest.