2023 Seed Lists

Fluegel's Lawn Seed & Straight Seed Varieties

Fluegel's Pasture & Cover Mixes

Miscellaneous Seeds (Clovers and Others)

We also have a number of different pasture mixes, as well as straight seeds and a deer food plot mix.  We sell all of our mixes and seeds by the pound and also in larger quantities.  

Grass Seed

We have many different varieties of grass seed and grass seed mixes available in the store.  Whether you have an area that is very sunny or shady, or if you just want something to throw down at the cabin, we have something that will work.  Our mixes and information are listed below - click on the links to view.  Or, feel free to stop in at the store to ask a store employee.  All of our grass seed we sell by the pound, or we have them available in larger amounts.  Remember, you always save money when you buy more

(per pound), but we have smaller amounts for your convenience.