Firewood Prices

We stock firewood year round! All firewood we carry is season dried hardwood consisting of Birch, Maple, Ash and Oak. We can deliver firewood to the surrounding cities and it usually takes a week to deliver. All firewood is dumped in an agreed upon location. We are able to deliver Monday through Friday.

​Now Accepting Firewood Delivery Orders!

Firewood Bundle (~6 pieces)
Firewood Kindling $5.75
Mini Pallet (~25 pieces)
1/3 Face cord (2.75' x 4' x 16")$80.00
1/2 Face cord (4' x 4' x 16")
Face cord (8' x 4' x 16")

Pictured above is a full cord.  One of the three sections is a facecord, or 8' x 4' x 16"

We deliver inside of Rosemount for $30, and inside of Dakota County for $40. Looking for delivery outside of Dakota County? Give us a call and we can help determine if we can delivery out to you!

(We can only deliver a maximum of two Face cords per delivery.)