Nature's Grown Organic Chicken Feed

Nature's Grown is a fantastic organic chicken feed for those looking to feed a more natural grain to their chickens! We stock many great varieties including Organic Layer, Organic No-Soy, Organic Scratch and more! Stop in and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members for more information!

Organic Layer Pellet 50lbs. $38.99

Organic Scratch 50lbs. $28.99

Purina Layena Omega 40lbs. $21.49

Purina Organic Layer Crumble 35lbs. $26.99

Purina Organic Layer Pellet 35lbs. $26.99

Purina ​Organic Scratch 35lbs. $22.99

Chicken Feed

Fluegel's Chicken Feed

We manufacture our own chicken feed! Fluegel's 18% Layer is our best selling chicken feed for a good reason, it is a high quality chicken feed at a great price! We also carry a broiler crumble for anyone looking to raise meat-birds! Stop in and talk to us for more info!


 18% Layer Pellet 50lbs. $15.99

Broiler Crumble 50lbs. $16.99

       ​Scratch 50lbs. $15.99

We carry a large variety of chicken feed for all your chicken needs from all the top brands, including our own! Whether you are looking for a simple layer crumble, or something more specific as in an organic no-soy pellet, we have it all! Don't see what you're looking for? We are glad to try and help get in whatever chicken feed you may desire!

Organic Layer Crumble 50lbs. $36.99

Organic Layer No-Soy Crumble 50lbs. $34.49

Organic Layer No-Soy Pellet 50lbs. $36.99




     Backyard Birds


NEW! Starter Mash 50lbs $14.99

         18% Layer Mash 50lbs. $13.99

       18% Layer Crumble 50lbs. $15.79

Layena Pellets 50lbs. $21.99

Layena Crumbles 50lbs. $21.99

Start 'N Gro 50lbs. $23.99

Start 'N Gro Medicated 50lbs. $24.19

Purina Chicken Feed

We stock Purina chicken feed! Purina chicken feed is a high quality chicken feed which comes in a variety of specialty mixes! We stock everything from their Purina Layena Pellets and Crumbles, to their Purina Oyster Shell infused variety, and even carry their line of Organic chicken feed!