Treats and Toys


​     Cat Shack

With a large Variety of treats and toys, your cat will never be bored again! We have classic toys like cat nip bananas and catnip cigars, to more interactive toys such as Spring Toy Pom-Poms and Laser Tails. Here at Fluegel's we are sure to have something for every feline companion!

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We carry all the essentials you need for your cat. We have many different styles of litter boxes as well as many different kinds of cat litter to help eliminate any cat odor that may linger in your house. We also stock many different cat towers in many different  sizes and styles, and we are always getting in new pieces, so if you are looking for any particular item, stop in and we will try to help you out! Lastly, we stock different supplements to help your cat get that extra little boost to their health they may need!

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Here at Fluegel's we work with local rescues to help adopt out cats. Welcome to Fluegel's cat shack! Our cat shack is a great place where you can meet rescue cats/kittens and really get to know them! Not looking to adopt? No problem! Anyone is welcome to come and visit the cat shack and pet the cats! It's a great way to socialize the cats brought in and the cats love all the attention as well!

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Cat Shack

Cat Treats and Toys

Cat Supplies

We stock a large selection of cat food from all the top brands, all at great prices! Top brands include NutriSource, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, and any more! Looking for a certain brand/flavor? Or wondering what cat food is right for your feline companion? Stop in and let one of our knowledgeable staff members help you find the right cat food for you!

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Cat Food